Free Roadsters will be picked up in Space

Free Roadsters will be picked up in Space

Elon Musk announced that Tesla would end its referral program due to cost of giving away over 80 new Roadsters for free. The old referral program had different levels that could be unlocked when someone used your code to buy a new Tesla.

After 5 referrals, you unlock the level and get a 2% discount per new referral. This 2% discount had no limit. SInce the program was run for so long, plenty of people managed to stack enough 2% discounts in order to obtain free Roadsters. Yes, Roadsters with an “s” at the end. Over 100 people are qualified for a Roadster and over 20 of those should get a second one. (

Tesla still plans to honour the free Roadsters for all participants who have qualified. However in order to save money, Tesla has now decided that certain winners will have to pick up their new Roadster in space. These select individuals will still receive both their Roadsters but need to find a way there and hopefully it isn’t a one way flight.

A leaked email claims that “all roadster referral winners who have previously written questionable toilet paper articles must go to space”.

What’s your take on the situation? Who would you like to see go to space?

Norman’s Take

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Not Fred

The founder of Earlectrek and a full time Tesla addict. Earlectrek started with one goal in mind, to fight fake news. We are not to accumulate free Roadsters. If you are interested in working for us, reach out on Twitter.

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