Has Elon Raided Area 51 Before?

Has Elon Raided Area 51 Before?

It was only a few days ago that “Not a Fredthrower” reported “Elon sends team from Area 59 to join the Area 51 raid“. The intention of this raid was to collect technology for Elon’s own SpaceX Area 59, 8 better then Area 51. Our team was working around the clock to cover that story, and later that night reported a successful Space X raid, they now have Gravity Generator technology. How will SpaceX and Elon’s other companies use this technology? No one knows for sure yet.

However this successful raid led to more questions. How did they get in? How did they know where to go to collect this tech so quickly? This led our investigation to look at the possibility of past raids.

Popular Twitter user and CEO of #FrunkPuppyFriday recently shared a Tweet explaining how he is having a hard time parking his car into his garage with the SpaceX upgrade package.

While we originally thought that Earl got early access to the SpaceX package, the same one that the new Roadster will come with, our investigation shows that might not be the case.

While the entire world including your mother was focused on watching the falcon heavy launch last year, we have documents showing that Elon took full advantage of the event and sent a team (from Area 59) to raid Area 51. They managed to keep the raid low profile. Elon is a resourceful man, he utilized his previous life as an alien to gain access and go unnoticed.  He reached out to his alien friends, who helped him gain access to Area 51.

We suspect that the tech gained from the previous raid is being currently used in the Starship program. Ask yourself, how did Starhopper manage to do a perfect launch, even after having one of the pressure vessels blow away from vehicle? We think we now finally have proof of the tech being used.

With Tesla opening its superchargers for the “UFO’s riding out of Area 51”, our documents show that this Supercharger was placed for a quicker get away after the raids.

When asked by Earlectrek, Elon commented “When something is important enough, you must do it even when the probable outcome is failure”.

We will not be releasing the documents because the aliens “asked” us not to.

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