Model 3 safest car ever, entire car industry shutting down

Model 3 safest car ever, entire car industry shutting down

As we have reported on before, the Tesla Model 3 has won not only the highest safety rating from NHTSA but also Euro NCAP and the Australasia NCAP.

After hearing of this feat people familiar with the matter say Volvo executives have been resigning in droves while other similar reports are coming in that the entirety of the German car manufacturing business are in the stages of shuttering their doors and laying off nearly 99% of their workers and only retaining the janitorial staff to clean up the mess. (Tesla isn’t immune to janitorial issues, recently they have been asking employees to supply toilet paper.)

“This is the last straw, how can we keep cheating the system when Tesla makes safer cars? It’s embarrassing” said once executive who requested anonymity.

Bob Lutz, the retired gravelly-voiced cigar chomping ex-General Motors CEO, took to his TV network CNBC to announce he’s sorry about all the bad things he’s said about Tesla and that he’s coming out of retirement to help them

Bob Lutz says he’s sorry

Norman’s Take

Wow, I didn’t expect Tesla to be disrupting the car safety ratings like this but I think it’s just a matter of time before the Asian car market throws in the towel as well. They didn’t offer Frunks to make the cars safer so they’re getting what they deserve. Frunks are awesome!

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