Porsche Taycan Engineers Caught Looking for Electric Racing Fuel

Porsche Taycan Engineers Caught Looking for Electric Racing Fuel

Late last night, four Porsche Taycan Engineers were caught inspecting the Tesla Supercharger in Nürburgring. When first approached they were muttering Elon Musks name. Within questioning it has come to light that they thought that Tesla was using Racing fuel mixed with electricity. That “there is no way Tesla Model S is that fast”. After working years on the Porsche Taycan, it still could not keep up with the newest Tesla.

These engineers were hoping that they could find the racing fuel to help speed up the Taycan and possibly even get the turbo working. “There is only two ways we can make the Taycan faster” said one of the engineers. “We installed the Turbo but not sure why it isn’t working on our electric vehicle. That or get better racing fuel electricity”.

If you have been out of the loop over the past few weeks, let’s quickly get you back up to speed. Porsche sent the Taycan to the famous Nürburgring track. The four door EV posted an impressive 7:42 record lap around the track.

In Elon Musk fashion, he took to Twitter to mention that Tesla would also be there to test. However many rumors went around that Tesla did not have an allotted time therefore this would not happen.

Then the new Tesla Model S Plaid showed up. Tesla went as far as even installing a Supercharger. The new Model S managed to beat the Porsche Taycan by a full 20 seconds. This left the Porsche engineers confused and astonished.

Norman’s Take

It was only a few days ago that we reported “Musk reconsidering Gigafactory 4 in Germany after learning Model S Nürburgring track time was not 4:20“. With this recent news, I can’t see Tesla eager to get their next Gigafactory in Germany.

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