Tesla Shorts Hate Delta Airlines

Tesla Shorts Hate Delta Airlines

If you use Twitter and post anything positive about Tesla, chances are you have been added to the massive “anti Tesla” block list. The Tesla Shorts, or better known as TSLAQ use this list to automatically block all positive experiences owners are having with their Tesla’s each and every day. Twitter user Paul91701736 maintains the block list and has gone as far back as possible to add any and everyone to his master list.

Twitter user @TeslaRuser sent a Tweet out to Delta Airlines on September 12th, 2017. You read that correct. Now, if you are unaware, Delta Air Lines, or typically referred to as Delta, is one of the major airlines of the United States. The tweet was just a simple question asking about claiming miles from a previous flight.

At this point, you must be wondering how does the Tesla Short community hate Delta? Why does the block list matter? Since the creation of the block list, plenty of shorts have been utilizing it. Every time Paul adds a Tesla owner to the list, the shorts automatically get an updated block list.

That same Tweet from Tesla Ruser got a response from Delta that said “Hi, Tesla. You can submit your ticket number to be linked to your SkyMiles account for a mileage request”.

These simple two words, “Hi, Tesla” was enough to make it to the long and growing block list that plenty of misguided Tesla Shorts use on Twitter each and everyday. Is this an oversight on the TSLAQ community, or do they really hate Delta?

Screenshot from the TSLAQ block list

Due to the nature of the documents we gather for most of our articles, we are often not able to share our sources. However for this story, we encourage you to check out the Shorts block list to verify the validity of our story.

Currently as the writing of this article, the Tesla Block list currently has a total of 5,080 users being blocked. Go find yourself on the list here. If you do not show on the list then you’re doing something wrong.

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