All electric scooters are crap, except this one

All electric scooters are crap, except this one

Here on Earlectrek we’ve reviewed and recommended dozens, maybe thousands, of electric scooters over the past year due to their growing popularity but we’ve come to a conclusion that they’re all crap, except this new one.


Because this one is made in Scotland.

McDonald’s SCOOTR is the brainchild of Frances Maxwell an electrical engineering student from the university of Edinburgh. Maxwell starting working on the SCOOTR prototype in 2018 setting up a small development lab in the corner of his mother’s shortbread factory.

We spoke to Maxwell about what makes this scooter better than all the other crap on the market.

“Part of the design is the unique magnesium-steel alloy derived from ancient smelted claymore swords used in the frame, it makes them stronger an go faster” says Maxwell, “she’s a wee stunner!”.
When asked about using historical artifacts Maxwell says “och, don’t worry laddie, we have so many of them nobody will notice. Haven’t you seen Braveheart?”

Frances Maxwell outside his McDonald’s development lab

The McDonald’s SCOOTR features a 13wh Lithium battery (sold separately) which should allow for about 16 miles of range depending on how much of a hearty breakfast one has consumed and has built-in Bluetooth connectivity through an app being developed called BraveLink.

Maxwell tells us the SCOOTR should go on sale in early 2020 but the production ramp could be a little like hell given the mercurial nature of the Scottish weather. Pricing hasn’t been set yet but should be under $1000 US and will include discount coupons for Scotland’s Loganair for those wishing to make a holiday out of the delivery process.

Norman’s Take
I can confirm that anything coming out of Scotland is definitely NOT CRAP!

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