The Mysterious Spread of 10itis

The Mysterious Spread of 10itis

A peculiar phenomenon has been noticed over the past few days, starting shortly after the launch of Tesla Software v10 in the USA and other markets. Spouses of Tesla owners who have received the v10 update are reporting a marked increase in the amount of time their other half is spending in and around their Tesla vehicles. This phenomenon has been branded “10itis” and appears to be spreading rapidly around the globe.

Symptoms of 10itis include:

  • owners spending an inordinate amount of time playing with Smart Summon in parking lots while watching out for bozos in BMW’s blindly backing out of their spot. (US-only).
  • an increased risk of smashing game controllers in a fit of rage after dying to a giant vegetable (again) in Cuphead.
  • an uptick in the amount of time your other half spends binge-watching Netflix and YouTube…in the car.
  • sounds resembling someone strangling a cat coming from your garage as your other half attempts to sing Bohemian Rhapsody using Careoke.
  • non-US Tesla owners tweeting at Elon Musk, and anyone else even vaguely associated with the regulatory process, wanting to know when Smart Summon will be available in their markets.

Luckily, there is a treatment for many of these symptoms. Invite your spouse or family to join you in your Tesla!!

Cuphead can be played in co-op mode using two controllers, you can fit 5 people comfortably in your Tesla to watch Netflix or YouTube while listening to the awesome sound system, and you can collectively scare the neighbours by taking turns doing your worst Elton John impression in Careoke!

Non-US owners wanting Smart Summon will need to keep on tweeting at Elon, but at least you can watch Netflix or YouTube while you wait.

Norman’s Take

If you or someone you know wishes they were suffering from 10itis, Norman suggests that they buy a Model S, 3, or X as soon as possible.

For bonus points, and some free Supercharging, be sure to use Jennifer’s referral code when you do.

Right Said Fred

A retired guy with nothing else to do except waste his remaining years on Twitter while writing semi-satirical articles about current events and dreaming of the day when Elon will get us off this rock.

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