ICE Driver Scared by Range Anxiety

ICE Driver Scared by Range Anxiety

A local man reported range anxiety while driving a rental car on vacation. “I hopped in one morning and it wasn’t full” he remarked. “I plug my Chevy Bolt every night and it’s always full and ready to go each morning. I don’t even think about it anymore. I was surprised when the low fuel light came on.”

Said his wife, “Same with my Tesla. Every day, a full battery, full range. Who even worries about how far you can drive?” Continuing on she said, “We picked up the car with a full tank, but on our way back to the airport we were running late. It was stressful driving around trying to find a gas station that was open at 5am. Then we had to figure out how to get the filler door open and go inside and pay because the card reader at the pump was broken. Who has time for that? It takes 30 seconds to plug in my car. Click, done.”

He added “and it was like $60 to fill it up. We can drive for months on that kind of money. My hands smelled like gas all day. That car was slow too. How can something that makes that much noise be so slow. My Bolt is a sports car compared to that thing. Her Tesla? No comparison.”

The couple agreed that having an internal combustion engine makes for a inconvenient, stressful and boring life. “Our hotel even had a charger onsite. We could have charged up for free while we were sleeping instead of worrying about finding gas stations. Never knowing if your car is ready to go each day? Why would anyone want to put themselves through all that? Why?”

Norman’s Take

Range anxiety was a problem back when EVs only had 50 miles of range. Modern cars like the Bolt, Kona EV and every Tesla have plenty of range for almost any driver. The ability to charge at home and begin each day with a full charge means never having the suffer range anxiety in a EV, unlike an ICE.

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Fred Fredly

Fred Fredly got tired of driving slow, stinky polluting cars so he bought a Tesla. Despite appearances to the contrary, he does actually wash his car from time to time.

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