Tesla owner selling bed to sleep in car & caught peeing in bush

Tesla owner selling bed to sleep in car & caught peeing in bush

The nature of our society today is everything happens fast. Tesla has created a fast paced environment, changing how things look and feel, adding new features and updating Autopilot at a rapid pace. Having a Tesla Addiction is a real problem that owners have been experiencing. 

We received a tip that a Tesla owner recently sold his bed to sleep in his Model 3. There are also allegations that this Tesla owner was caught running through sprinklers and peeing in bushes. You might be wondering why?

Well for starters, sleeping full time in a Tesla brings Tesla Addiction to a whole new level. Tesla community member Wade Anderson, (@wadeanderson) also known for running TeslaSocial recently went on a road trip. That might be an understatement. He covered all of North America’s most extreme points in a two-month road trip. Wade covered 32 states and 5 provinces and territories.

Wade drove a total of 18,857 miles. With no real alternative to go back home, Wade lived in his Tesla for months. Meals, entertainment, sleeping, he did everything in his Tesla. As you can see from the Tweet below, Wade even made himself a nice bed.

Now one would think after such a long trip Wade would be excited to finally get back home and get a good night’s rest. However he returned home to a hot house and a non working AC. Wade once again slept in his Tesla.

The tip we received was from one of Wade’s neighbors who saw Wade dragging his mattress to the curb recently. “I have never seen someone so happy to throw out a nice new bed” said his neighbor.

We have reached out to Wade for comment. The rumours are true. Wade now sleeps in his Tesla every night. “It helps productivity. I can just sit outside of my work and when I wake up I am there”. We also questioned Wade about the sprinkler incidents and peeing in the bushes. “When mother nature calls, I can no longer run to the washroom. This is the next best alternative. The sprinklers are for a quick shower. I leave shampoo in my Frunk”. 

Norman’s Take

If you have a neighbor who owns a Tesla, please be advised that this issue might become more widespread. Sleeping in a Tesla can be very comfortable and now that you can watch Netflix, I see no reason why it can’t replace a bed.

With that thought, you should probably buy a Tesla if you don’t own one already. Please use Julissa’s referral code when buying a Tesla: https://www.tesla.com/en_CA/referral/julissa21741

Not Fred

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