Exclusive: Tesla Model Z is first wireless car

Exclusive: Tesla Model Z is first wireless car

A Tesla engineer recently reached out to us to give us the latest scoop on the Tesla Model Z. Since it is in the early stages of development, we were given limited information about Tesla’s up and coming vehicle. The engineer mentioned a new completely wireless car system. “Elon has been adamant that we need to remove all the wiring from the cars. It has been all hands on deck. Were told that we need the extra room to store more toilet paper in the production lines. “

The engineer also went into more details about this new wireless tech which we will cover more down below, however interestingly enough Tesla has recently seen a toilet paper surplus.

After receiving our information, similar to any other professional news site that you follow on the internet today, we started additional research on Wikipedia. We thought it was a great starting point before writing this article. After realizing that no one else had added any information about the Tesla Model Z we decided to add “exclusive” to the article title because well frankly, we needed the clicks. Our wikipedia searching did lead us to Bob Lazar. Lazar is known for being hired in the late 1980s to reverse-engineer extraterrestrial technology at a secret site called “S-4”.

When on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Bob Lazar mentioned similar technology found in an alien spacecraft;

although it doesn’t necessarily operate electrically there’s no wiring that connects any of the sub components together whatsoever they just have to be in the immediate vicinity it’s a it is the stuff is borderline magic

There have been plenty of reports and diagrams on the upcoming Tesla Model Y wiring system. Some are even calling it “revolutionary”. Tesla filed a patent where you can learn more about their new and upcoming system. Electric cars need wires for lighting, air conditioning, power windows, etc. There can be miles of wires in a single car. 

Tesla has been working hard to limit the wiring int heir cars. Look at the trend;

  • Model S: 2 miles of wire
  • Model 3: 1.5 miles of wire
  • Model Z: 0 miles of wire

The engineer that reached out mentioned new technology that Tesla was able to acquire. This also aligns with our successful Area 51 Raid article. “We have been at a dead end with this project up until recently. Elon showed up with magical tech. Then it was ‘all hands on deck’. Elon had everyone working on this new system”.

We have reached out to our source for more information about the up and coming Model Z. We will keep you updated once we know more.

Norman’s Take

With Elon’s successful raid of area 51, we believe that the up and coming Model Z will be using alien space technology. We also still aren’t sure why Tesla is making room for more toilet paper. Nonetheless, how long will we wait until you are able to order the first ever wireless Tesla? We are not sure. But in the meantime you can order a Tesla using this referral code; INSERT REFERRAL CODE HERE

Alternative Titles

  • Bob Lazar’s story not a hoax — Tech coming to Tesla
  • Tesla Model Z will use Alien tech

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