Tesla to announce “Redneck” trim for Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla to announce “Redneck” trim for Tesla Cybertruck

As has been widely reported, and confirmed on the latest earnings call. The Tesla Pickup now coined “Cybertruck” will be next level futuristic.

This has caused some concern that it may not be attractive to traditional pickup truck owners. Market analysts fear that the adoption of the truck may not accelerate as quickly as historical Model 3 sales and projected Model Y sales.

Elon Musk, Co-Founder & CEO at Tesla, has announced that the Cybertruck will come with a new trim level that he hopes will appeal to traditional pickup truck owners, he’s coined it “Redneck” mode.

Redneck trim will allow the truck to operate with a ludicrous level of efficiency achieving nearly 420 miles of range per gallon of diesel.”

When asked by an analyst on the call yesterday if he would elaborate how Diesel would have any place in a Tesla vehicle, Musk provided the following cryptic explanation.

“We understand and respect that traditional truck owners enjoy the sound and smell of diesel being burned, we think we’ve found a way to do this that protects those outside of the truck and our shared atmosphere, while letting those in the cabin continue to experience their beloved combustion experience.”

Our analysts are not entirely certain how this will be implemented, and we’ll have to wait till the truck reveal in the coming weeks to find out exactly.

We reached out to some private contacts at Tesla about this, and they provided some further details.

“We discussed internally how we could appease traditional truck owners looking for the sound of a truck revving, and the nostalgic smell of diesel exhaust, and we found that we couldn’t adequately simulate a realistic revving sound from the PWS (pedestrian warning system) speaker. Therefore we opted to put a real internal combustion engine in the vehicle, we opted for something small, akin to a lawn mower or small motorcycle.

Attached to the sides of the truck with the Redneck trim option are two 1 gallon diesel tanks.

During acceleration the Redneck trim version of the Cybertruck will rev up the diesel motor that sits behind the cabin, and will pump the exhaust of the engine directly into the cabin. The exhaust system can be upgraded with aftermarket parts to fine tune the sound to exactly what the owner enjoys. The ventilation system will maintain a non-lethal dose of carbon monoxide in the cabin, and will filter out any trace amounts before venting it outside.

A warning is displayed when someone attempts to purchase the Redneck mode, as even non-lethal doses of carbon monoxide are not good for long term health, nor is the sound emitted from the exhaust good for your hearing. Much in the same way you find messages on a box of cigarettes.

What are your thoughts, on this? Do you think the Redneck mode will help accelerate the adoption of the Cybertruck among traditional pickup truck owners? Let us know in the comments.

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