Tesla Twin Turbo? Totally!

Tesla Twin Turbo? Totally!

In another world’s first, Earlectrek spy photographers have captured exclusive images of the next Tesla Model 3 Performance. The vehicle was spotted in the wild wearing a ‘TurboTurbo’ badge in place of the usual red underlined ‘Dual-Motor’ placard. 

The main screen also displays a prototype interface that appears to enable or disable ‘Turbo’ mode. While the interface is clearly in the early stages of development it confirms that the next performance 3 is already undergoing road testing. Similar to how Ludicrous Mode can be enabled or disabled, the on/off selector suggests that ‘Turbo Mode’ will be user configurable. 

Tesla likes to have fun and lampoon the marketing speak companies use to distinguish vehicles in a lineup. Taking a cue from the movie “Spaceballs” they dubbed the fastest version of the Model S ‘Ludicrous’. When Porsche named the performance variant of their Taycan electric vehicle ‘Turbo S’, Tesla must have felt the need to mock that choice. Instead of a ‘Turbo S’, Tesla has “Turbos”. 

We reached out to Porsche for comment and a representative said “They’re going to double down on us? Verdammt!” Laughing she continued “You know the whole turbo thing started as a joke, ya? Das Taycan is really sporty, but also kind of flat like a ‘Turbot’. You know, the fish? After too many biers one evening someone said if the 911 is a Turbo then the Taycan is a ‘Turbot’. Now it’s in production.  A Turbo EV? Mein Gott im himmel!” 

If the Model 3 TurboTurbo proves to be popular it is rumored the Model X may be released in a ‘double-Hemi’ version. The Tesla pickup is also expected to be sold with a ‘Super-Duper’ package. 

While Porsche proudly promises performance Tesla’s twin turbo is truly triumphant. Torque on tap is tremendous and tricky twists and turns will tickle your toes.

Neither Tesla CEO Elon Musk or CTO J.B. Straubel would be reached for comment. 

Norman’s Take 

Somebody stop the insanity. Earlectrek welcomes the Porsche Taycan into the EV world, but for a third the price you can buy a Tesla Model 3 Performance (sorry, no turbo included) that has more range, access to Tesla’s SuperCharger network and no silly Turbo badge.

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Fred Fredly got tired of driving slow, stinky polluting cars so he bought a Tesla. Despite appearances to the contrary, he does actually wash his car from time to time.

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