Forget V3 Superchargers, V4 around the corner

Forget V3 Superchargers, V4 around the corner

Although it may seem that Version 3 superchargers were news just yesterday, our sources are reporting that V4 superchargers are closer than we might think. The new improvements are said to be extraordinary, solving many qualms owners had about V3 charging, which is already quite great. 

We all know that Tesla’s Version 2 supercharging has set the standard for DC fast charging in the electric car industry. Version 3 improved on that by increasing speeds over 65% on a charger that was already lightning fast to begin with, pun intended.

With the way that Tesla is expanding the network it’s not a matter of if, but when you’ll see it in your area. The charging speeds are nearly comparable to filling up gas — 75 miles of range in just 5 minutes. Anybody who has experienced V3 firsthand will surely agree that long charging times are not a valid concern anymore, even on lengthy trips.

However, although V3 is amazing, it’s apparently not perfect. Many owners reportedly have had several issues with V3, some even going so far as to say they prefer V2 instead. 

What are those concerns, you might ask? 

Many owners say that the charging speed is just too fast to allow for a proper break during trips. This causes unnecessary stress on the passengers to return to the car as quickly as possible, translating to unhappy drivers. Most owners are done charging within 10 to 15 minutes, which is not a long enough break after driving 3 to 4 hours. Tesla’s superchargers are cramming electrons into batteries faster than you can shovel nuggets into a stubborn 6 year old. 

Thankfully, it seems Tesla has once again listened to its consumers and is making changes accordingly. Our sources tell us V4 supercharging has been specially engineered to be up to 50% slower than V3, allowing for extended breaks. This dramatic improvement should allow for a more relaxed traveling experience, thanks to Tesla’s incredible engineering talent.

Unfortunately, our sources could not confirm at what state of charge your battery must be to take advantage of these improvements. So whether or not this 50% upgrade applies throughout the entire charging session remains unknown.

Once again, Tesla shows it’s thirst for innovation as it strives to meet consumer’s requests. At this rate, we might even see Version 5 up the game to another 80% slower?

Regardless, it’s exciting to see Tesla improve on products that are already amazing to begin with

Norman’s take:

How they got this rate of improvement this quickly is unknown. Perhaps there may be a charging company acquisition that we haven’t heard about yet, but our inside sources did not mention this. 

I can only imagine how frustrated other auto manufacturers must feel. Just when they think they’re catching up, Tesla hits back with a 50% improvement overnight. 

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