Tesla Cybertruck: 12 Little Things You May Have Missed

Tesla Cybertruck: 12 Little Things You May Have Missed
The new all-electric Tesla Cybertruck. It can accelerate 0-60 in 2.9 seconds, can tow over 14,000 pounds, and has 500+ miles of range. The base price? Only $39,900.

The all-electric Tesla Cybertruck is a minimalist, futuristic new vehicle from Tesla. Quicker than a sports car, better functionality than a pickup, with a surprisingly competitive price point. The base version starts at a reasonable $39,900 USD. While the design may be polarizing, the specs and features blow the competition out of the water. In this article, we will cover a few of the little things you may have missed.

Potentially Called Model P

We’ve noticed that if you navigate to www.tesla.com/modelp, it redirects to the Cybertruck page. Of course, we cannot confirm that this renaming will happen, but Tesla seems to have something planned.

Autopilot Cameras in Fender Flares

In the photo above, the camera is located in the top right of the fender flare. By integrating the cameras into this part of the body, Tesla has eliminated an item that could potentially be broken off while off-roading.

Automatic Retractable Tonneau Cover

The tonneau cover makes the truck more aerodynamic when deployed, allowing a smooth surface for the air to travel over. It also keeps cargo dry, and is lockable to keep your valuables safe.

Hidden Storage in Sails and Under Bed

Extra storage is a vital feature for truck drivers. On a job site, being able to keep tools in an easily-accessible location is very useful, while under-bed storage gives you a place to store items you’d rather not have sliding around in the truck bed.

L-Track Rail and T-Slot Tracks in the Bed

L-tracks (shown in the first image in the gap just below the bed’s light bar) are used primarily in aircraft, and can be used to create tie-down points in any position along the length of the rail.

T-slot tracks (the lines you see along the length of the bed and tailgate) provide a similar function.

Integrated Light Bar


Pickup truck owners, especially ones that go off-roading, regularly fit aftermarket light bars to provide better illumination of the ground around them. By integrating them into the truck, behind the glass, owners can have additional lighting while maintaining aerodynamic efficiency.

Air Compressor Port

A feature that will be useful on job sites, the Cybertruck has a built-in air compressor port that allows owners to use air-powered tools without the need for an external compressor. The port uses the truck’s built-in compressor that is used primarily for the air suspension system. Additionally, owners can top-up their tires when necessary. This is especially useful after partially deflating the tires for off-roading.

Integrated Ramp in Tailgate

This feature, coupled with the truck’s “load mode”, which lowers the rear suspension for easier loading, allows owners to roll items straight into the truck bed.

Rear-view Camera, No Mirror

This feature will be vital while driving, since the automatic tonneau cover will prevent you from seeing traffic behind you through the back window when the bed is covered. This also allows visibility if the bed is full, where you would otherwise not be able to see out the back.

Extendable Sun Visors

More for aesthetics than function, retractable sunvisors keep the interior look of the Cybertruck clean and sleek.

17-inch Landscape-Oriented Display

The 17-inch display in the Cyber truck is the same size as the Model S/X screens, with the landscape orientation of the Model 3. While driving, it shows your speed and a visualization of the area around you, and while stopped, you can watch Netflix, Youtube, or Hulu on the large screen.

Secondary Set of Brake Lights

Current US laws require brake lights to be placed on a fixed part of the vehicle, and since the light bar at the back won’t be visible when the tailgate is down, Tesla has placed a secondary set of lamps on the inside of the bed.

BONUS: Front Trunk Storage

Teslas, in addition to other electric vehicles, have bonus storage in the front, where you’d usually find an engine. From the picture, it appears to be quite spacious. Although, if not used for storage, putting your dog in the frunk and sending a picture to @frunkpuppy on Twitter could potentially get you some free merch.


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