10 Cybertruck Accessories We Want to See

10 Cybertruck Accessories We Want to See


Maybe it’s just because most of the US was recently buried under snow, but a Cyberplow seems like the perfect accessory for the Cybertruck. With a rustless stainless steel body and all wheel drive the Cybertruck would be perfect for snow plowing. All we need is a futuristic Cyberplow. Out of stainless steel please.


The t-slots in the Cybertruck bed are a great idea. Now you can tie down any load for any road. But those slots are going to fill up with sand, dirt, bolts or anything else small and loose in the bed. Then the epic rattling begins. Look for someone to produce a strip that plugs the t-slots so they don’t fill up with stuff. Maybe even a strip that’s held in place with an integrated t-bolt that fastens into the slot. Aftermarket product makers, you’re welcome.


With a 14,000 pound towing capacity, the Cybertruck needs a way to attach 5th wheel trailers. The t-slots probably aren’t strong enough, so there needs to be something extra in the bed.


Store those tools in a job box that fits in the bed and allows the tonneau cover to close. It should be made of stainless steel too. You wouldn’t want to ruin the sleek styling would you? We didn’t think so either.


Let’s get those bikes in the back with a rack system that attaches to the t-slots. Front fork and rear wheel holders might bikes to site low enough that the stainless steel cover can close. Put your bike in the vault. It’s vaulted.


Using the on board battery and inverter to run electric tools on a job site is a great idea. But who runs just one tool? Someone needs to make a splitter to offer multiple 240v, 110v outlets.


240v in the bed? How about a nice welder that integrates into the bed too. Lincoln red, Miller blue, and Hobart orange all clash with the clean stainless look, so who’s going to be the first to step up and offer a matching stainless welder.


A water tank. The 3500 pound capacity of the bed means the Cybertruck could hold a 360 gallon water tank, or almost 400 gallons of Diesel. Now wouldn’t that be a sight, a Cybertruck being used to refuel heavy equipment?


You’ve got all that water on board, now do something with it. Fire fighting! Or landscaping, or even washing the streets of Paris. The uses are unending. But we like the idea of a Cybertruck as wildland fire fighter. Added bonus, it’s unlikely to start brush fires from hot exhaust. Bonus bonus, use Tesla bioweapon defense mode to filter the cabin air.


Why not make it the greatest tailgating vehicle ever with a built in grill. On the plus side, a couple minutes with a scotchbrite and it’s clean. But what’s a tailgate party without a built in margarita machine? Not a party. Power in the bed: check. T-slots to hold everything down: check. Margatitas on tap: double check. Now it’s a party!

Fred Fredly

Fred Fredly got tired of driving slow, stinky polluting cars so he bought a Tesla. Despite appearances to the contrary, he does actually wash his car from time to time.