Who’s Taycan My Range?

Who’s Taycan My Range?

Yesterday news broke of the EPA’s impressive results when testing the Taycan Turbo’s (the long range version) range per charge, a whopping 201 miles.

Thankfully they managed to breach the 200 mile marker, if only barely. Word has it that Porsche boss Oliver Blume would have received his retirement bonus early if the EPA came back with a number even 2 miles less.

Porsche seems to have found issue with the EPA’s results, and has notified “enthusiasts” to ignore the EPA results, as they previously “asked” a much more qualified and “independent” firm to carry out range tests.


In the letter, they advise that the 275 mile range as previously indicated by Porsche was provided to them after AMCI Testing’s range testing tests, tests….tests..te.

Here at Earlectrek we respect you the reader, and we always ensure we’re cutting out the B.S., and in this case, when Porsche says they “asked’ AMCI Testing, what they mean is they “payed” AMCI Testing. As you can imagine, when you pay someone to tell you something, they typically tell you what you want, so “unbiased”? Yah right.


If you visit AMCI Testing’s twitter account, it makes you wonder if the company is even a legit company. 5 Followers, and a pinned tweet bashing the Model 3.

Many on Twitter seem to have pointed out how crap this range is going to be real-world after considering, cold temperatures, winter tires, etc…

Another thing to be concerned with is battery cycles, with a range that low, an “enthusiast” is likely to run through battery cycles very quickly degrading the battery and shortening it’s life much faster.


Close to half efficiency, questionable as to whether it’s actually faster than, and costs nearly twice as much.

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