Earl from FrunkPuppy Under Legal Investigation

Earl from FrunkPuppy Under Legal Investigation

There has been a surge of Tesla owners taking photos of their pets in the cars front trunk, also known the “frunk”. Tesla Bull, Earl Baning coined the phrase #frunkpuppyfriday. This fun trend has spread across the Tesla community. Maye Musk even commented on the movement.

This weekly contest has not been limited to just dogs either. We have seen Bunnies, Cats, Parrots, etc. Each week Earl shares a post where Twitter users can vote on the best looking “Frunk Puppy”. Often companies sponsor prizes for the winners.

We first read about a pending legal battle. We reached out to MotherFrunker for more information. We got back a “no comment”.

Through hours of investigative work we found the lawsuit that was filed. There is a lot to unwrap. It seems like Earl made an agreement with Norman (his Dog) to take his photo but not in the Frunk. Earl also promised to pay royalties. With Norman filing this against his owner, it seems like Earl did not obey the rules of their agreement. From MotherFrunkers tip, it seems like FrunkPuppyFriday might be put on hold until this legal matter is sorted out.

Norman also complains about Earl sharing Bears and Bulls. If you take a moment to read through his Twitter account, this seems to be accurate. What about the dogs?

Important to note that Norman chose to use “EarlQ ATTORNEYS AT LAW”. This law firm is known for successfully supporting the TSLAQ community. EarlQ often has there clients create and share fake information. Could this be happening here?

Twitter user VM seems to also have had problems with Earl.

What will come from this? What is the future of #FrunkPuppyFriday looking like? We are not sure.

Earlectrek’s Take

It is strange not getting Normans take for this article however it would be a conflict in interest if we did. However you should buy a Tesla using this referral code to get free Supercharging ts.la/earl78498

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