Tesla to Donate Excess Toilet Paper Surplus, Among Covid19 Shortages

Tesla to Donate Excess Toilet Paper Surplus, Among Covid19 Shortages

As we reported on last year, https://earlectrek.com/2019/09/30/as-the-quarter-comes-to-an-end-tesla-finds-itself-in-the-midst-of-an-exreme-toilet-paper-surplus/. Tesla has been sitting on quite the stockpile of what is now-a-days affectionately referred to as “TP”.

The worlds savior Elon Musk, has announced that Tesla will be donating this vast quantity of stockpiled TP to help those stuck at home.

Our A team reporters asked Elon to comment on the announcement, he had this to say:

If you live in a community, where your role model neighbors depleted your local stores supply of TP and you desperately need more, Tesla has asked that you follow these procedures to request a quantity of their stockpile:

  1. Create a twitter account, if you don’t already have one (all Tesla owners have one, it’s a right of passage).
  2. Tweet @elonmusk requesting a quantity of Tesla’s stockpile, please indicate the number of rolls needed, and how many people are in your household.

    Be sure to include “cc @earlectrek #tesla #tp #covid19″

    Here is an example:

Let us know on Twitter how much TP Tesla gives you, we’d enjoy including you & your family in our follow up report. Don’t let a lack of TP keep you from enjoying your couch while binge watching Netflix.

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