Tesla causes car to catch fire as it drives by

Tesla causes car to catch fire as it drives by

If you have been reading any Tesla news this week, you probably heard of the Tesla Model S crash that happened in The Woodlands, near Houston, Texas. This crash caused the Tesla to catch fire.

Unfortunately, we have another Tesla fire to report. @ray4tesla on Twitter shared a video where a Tesla caused another car to catch fire.

The Tesla can be clearly seen driving past another car, doing nothing to it at all, while it is on fire. According to early reports, the Tesla was using Autopilot. Tesla vehicles are equipped with Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self Driving capabilities.

The authorities are still investigating the exact circumstances of this Tesla fire. The car was reportedly travelling at a high rate of speed when it passed the fire.

Early reports are that Autopilot caused a flaming lava battery to fly out of the re-enforced battery pack and ignite the oil based paint of the other car.

Tesla no longer has a public relations team to field any questions about the fire and did not comment.

We believe that Tesla has started early R&D to attach firefighting fire hose capability on current Teslas. This should lower the number of ICE cars catching on fire in the vicinity.

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